Moomba Holiday & Caravan Park
Port Sorell, North West Coast, Tasmania

Our Sea Change

Liisa Direen

Saturday, July 11, 2015

We would like to introduce ourselves as the new Managers of Moomba Holiday and Caravan Park.  It has taken us a little while but we have finally launched our Website.  Within the website we had the option of adding a blog and it is here that we would like to share things about life at Moomba Holiday and Caravan Park.  Hopefully we will be able to add stories from our guests, maybe have some writing competitions with the children and are open to ideas on what we can include.  We thought the first story should be about us and how we came to the decision to make a huge sea change and move from Hobart to Port Sorell and take on the exciting challenge of managing Moomba Holiday and Caravan Park.

We started here in the Park on the 1st June 2015.  At the beginning of this year we decided that we needed to make a change in our lives, we both worked 9-5 jobs that usually took up a lot more of our time than just 9-5.  There was a bit of uncertainty with both of our jobs and we were both stressed and grumpy.  This meant that we didn’t see too much of our two young children Ebonii and Gabriel and when we did it wasn’t quality time.  Kelly was a Manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs and had worked there for twenty years and I have a degree in Public Health and in between having children have had a few different jobs including Electorate Officer for Lara Giddings and most recently in Change Management for Vodafone Australia. We decided together that it was time to started looking around for other options, ideas of what else we could do.  A friend sent us a link to the advertisement for Moomba Holiday and Caravan Park and it immediately sparked our interest.  We drove up to have a look, Kelly had visited Port Sorell before but I had not.  What a beautiful area, a life by the sea and in such a perfect spot sounded too good to be true.  We made the decision, but with anything there is a lot of uncertainty, we would be leaving family and good friends, the kids would be changing the schools and they had made a lot of really good friends, I would be leaving my 18 year old daughter India who is at Uni in Hobart and we would be going from paying jobs to running our own business, this was a huge leap and we wouldn’t have made it here without the amazing support from my Mum Kaye and my Dad Peter.

We have many challenges still ahead as we know that we really need boost the business for us to be successful.  We think that the accommodation could be one of the keys to success.  These are lovely little cabins, perfect for families and we have some of the most competitive rates in the industry.  We also want to value add to the business by adding in a Kiosk that will sell ice-creams and confectionary and drinks, continental breakfasts that will give people the opportunity to come straight after work on Friday afternoon and not worry about breakfast.  We also plan to add free Wi-Fi to the park before Christmas and we want to increase the social activities in the Park and are keen to hear all the ideas people have.

So far so good.  We are loving the relaxed atmosphere the laid back lifestyle and meeting so many travellers.  We love to hear where people are from and love when they share a little bit of their lives and stories with us.  We love the beach and the weather (its winter and I have been in T-Shirts most days).  We love the socialness of the park with its own little community spirit.  Community is something we are going to try and encourage as much as possible.  We love that the kids are riding their bikes every day and not stuck inside or in a tiny backyard.  We love that they are meeting new children and are learning new social skills and a new way of life.  They still have a bit of adjusting to do but they both love Port Sorell as do we.

Our hope for this blog will be to share a little bit of Moomba life.  We hope others will write some stories and maybe even share some history.  If you are interested then please email us at [email protected]

That’s all from us for now, thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like us on Facebook and hopefully visit us real soon.


Liisa and Kelly